Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quick Health Update...Well, that didn't take long :)

I just wanted to give a quick update on the health saga.  I had my "three month" blood work done last week and drumroll.........all normal.  Or as I was told, "Everything is excellent."  Blood pressure is still a little higher than I'd like, but still within the normal range and the weight is still coming off.  Well, I assume that it is judging from how often I have to pull my britches up because I haven't weighed myself recently.

3 months.  For faaaaaaaaaar longer than that I lived in very real fear of going to the doctor.  I knew things weren't right no matter how much I tried to justify and or explain how badly I was feeling.  That fear was miserable to live with especially when lumped atop legitimately feeling awful.  Once things had gotten to the point where my fear of crashing outweighed my fear of the diagnosis, a massive weight came off my shoulders.  And once in the presence of the doctors who were pretty direct and blunt with me, I had peace.  I realized how absurd the fear I was living in was; it was really beginning to invade everything that I was doing.  I was finally getting help with what I really feared was an insurmountable health issue that was going to lead to heart surgeries and an early grave.

3 months.  I changed my diet and in that, I made sure that I actually ate.  Beyond that, I make myself take time out of the day to take real breaks.  In three months I went from living in that constant fear to getting what was wrong not only under control, but in good shape.  I still haven't found my way back into a routine at the gym, but I hope to have that final issues addressed this week.

3 months.  I keep mentioning that not because I'm trying to impress you, but rather it took 3 months of simple changes to right the ship.  I've not done anything drastic aside from making better food choices; and you know, slowing down long enough to eat.  I'm still working as much, if not more, and having an absolute blast.  I pastor in an intense environment that requires lots of time and energy, and I feel so much better now than when I was running on fumes and destroying my health. 

I want my brothers and sisters to see how easy it can be to right the proverbial ship and to get out from under the weight of fear and just flat not feeling good.  I've heard of many colleagues from concerned parties who read the blog crying out, "I wish they'd go to the doctor!"  Folks, for the love of your family and your ministry, get past your fear and your excuses...and just go.  So much better to go on your terms, rather than on the terms of a stroke, heart attack, or death.

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