Friday, August 1, 2014

Global Prayers

To me the craziest thing about this blog is the reach of it according to the stats provided by Google.  It's both incredibly humbling and surprising to me that anyone aside from my wife and my mom read this thing.  (And I'm not even entirely sure they read it as often as they should lol)  When I look at the all time "hits" broken down by country, I have been especially surprised by a couple of different points.  The first is that for some time Ukraine has been rapidly gaining on the United States as my largest audience.  As of this morning, Ukraine is roughly 500 "hits" away from overtaking the US on the Cantankerous Christian, which I think is pretty awesome even if I don't understand it.  The second point that is surprising to me, or perhaps intriguing might be a better word, is how the top 5 audiences break down...

1. United States
2. Ukraine
3. Israel
4. China
5. Russia

All places that currently find themselves involved in varying degrees of war, conflict, unrest, and or religious persecution.  I don't necessarily know what this means either, but I do know that I feel like I need to acknowledge these audiences, these points, and to offer my prayers, as well as to solicit the prayers of all who read this blog.  We really need to join together to pray for peace and healing in all of these places.

I would also like to encourage those who read this blog to reach out and to share a bit of your story, and how we might better pray for you.  For all of the "bad" that the internet brings, it truly has fostered a global community in a way that ought to be a powerful way to unite and to stand together.  Obviously God knows when we lift these prayers, but it would incredibly powerful to be able to hear some of the stories of those who for whatever reason are reading this blog.  Even if you aren't directly affected by the stories that flood our news coverage here in the States I'd still love to hear from you!

Blessings and Thanks for Reading,

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