Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Housekeeping, Update, and a Request

 (The reinforcements have arrived in the office as I slowly transfer my stuff from the "dungeon" to the "furnace")

Since I probably won't update again until Sunday or Monday, I wanted to share a few things.  My intent as of Monday is to start posting videos of my sermons at Grace.  I say "intent" because I've had a notoriously difficult time uploading videos in the past for classes; but I'm hopeful to leave those difficulties behind.  Which of course means that they will invariably multiply, but I remain undetered.  Stubbornness is a gift sometimes.

This Sunday marks a transition on two fronts.  Last Sunday I shared my testimony at Grace and this Sunday I intend to "fire my first shot" and I'm loaded for bear.  For Grace, this Sunday marks the real beginning of this ministry as a corporate body.  Obviously there has already been work being done behind the scenes and in the neighborhood, but this week I will begin the process of preparing/inviting the congregation to take part in what we're attempting to do.  This of course is a situation that must be handled with patience, great care, and love.  If I can get them to commit to intentional prayer as a body, then I will view that as the first major victory.  My vision at the moment is to rely on the congregation as the prayer support for what we're doing, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they might surprise me by wanting to take a more active role in the neighborhood.

The other transition is that I begin work on Sunday with the other church that I'll be working with in Louisville.  This particular church is in a neighborhood that appears to be even rougher than the one I've been working in for the past two weeks and the church itself presents a unique set of challenges.  Make no mistake though, the folks there are good, God loving people and I'm anxious to start working with them.

Now for the request part.  One of the cool things, I think, about this blog is that it provides a real and TANGIBLE, POWERFUL opportunity for anyone who reads this blog to be a part of this ministry.  I am requesting that you would pray not only for me, but especially for the churches I serve and most definitely the communities that we are attempting to reach.  Without prayer support a tough job becomes a whole lot tougher, and I humbly ask that you would join me in covering this entire ministry in prayer.  Don't ever discount or dismiss the power of prayer; you can play a vital part in this ministry.

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