Friday, June 28, 2013

Comfort, Discomfort, Discomfort with Comfort, Apathy, Empathy, and Seeming Randomness Pt. 1.5

It’s really kind of cool how my complete and utter lack of time since January (my final semester of seminary was an absolute killer) created a really cool situation where I’m now living part 2 of that piece.  I’ve written the sequel to that piece, but rather than attempt to explain it in posting it (right now, anyhow), I believe I’m just going to invite you to live it with me. 

Last January when part 1 was written, I found myself at a crossroads of sorts in ministry.  I was presented with two very distinct, very different paths.  I could take the wide path that I knew would lead to a very subjective, relative definition of safety, peace, and ease of life.  Or I could take the very narrow path that I knew would lead to a very subjective, probably literal definition of danger and difficulty, with a sizable risk for failure. 

Oddly enough, in some inconsequential ways, the decision was harder than I would’ve thought it would be.  Safety and comfort are very alluring, very tempting things; especially while attempting at some level to convince and rationalize with myself that there was merit and honor (as it pertains to the very particular, very personal decision I was wrestling with) in the wide path.  However, where it really counted, in my heart and soul, and what I believe was the poking, prodding, and leading of the Holy Spirit, the decision, in hindsight was never in doubt.  There was only one path that was going to lead to fulfillment, peace, and joy for me.  

It is a rare and special thing to feel that I’m standing right where I’m supposed to be.  What you will see in the coming hours, days, weeks, months, and hopefully years is the journey of my narrow path.

Stay Tuned…

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