Saturday, January 1, 2011

Return of the Cantankerous One :)

Wow! It has been a loooong time since I’ve posted on here. Over a year…yikes. It’s amazing how much has changed since October of 2009. I’ve now finished a year and a half of seminary at Asbury Theological Seminary and am still enjoying it far more than should probably be allowed. The biggest change, without a doubt, is that I am now the pastor of not one, but two wonderful United Methodist Churches in western Kentucky. I started back in June of this year and have truly been blessed by these wonderful congregations in countless ways.

When I was appointed, I had already set my Fall semester at school, to which I had decided to attempt 12 credit hours with the encouragement of a “big eared midget” (9 hours is full time). Obviously I could’ve changed the schedule up, but me being me, I said, “What the heck?” Did I mention that my commute to campus is two hours one way? Across the wide open wilds of Kentucky? Yeah, it was a near suicide mission, but I survived it (purely by the grace of God) and kept my GPA intact. I can giggle on this side of it, but the next semester, I have scaled back to a more human 9 hours, with 3 of those hours being done online. I’m proud of what was accomplished this semester, including coming to the very bizarre and unexpected realization that I REALLY enjoy Greek, so much so that I’m taking the next Greek course in the Spring. However, I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit to breaking out into a cold sweat at the thought of ever attempting such madness again :) Needless to say, such a schedule, combined with being a husband and a father is not conducive to blogging :( However, it is my hope and intent, to get back after it now in some form or fashion.

There has been much that I’ve wanted to write about, actually thought I was going to write about over the last year plus, so it is not as if the blog has been far from my mind and heart. I deeply enjoy writing pieces for the site, but I especially enjoy and treasure the many interactions I’ve had with folks from all over the world through this crazy blog.

As I sit here and consider a return to the Cantankerous Christian, I can’t help but to wonder just how much things have changed. I’m still every bit as cantankerous as before, no worries there :) and while I like to think that there was always compassion balancing the passion, I do find myself much more compassionately cantankerous than before. Will that affect my writing style? Will it still strike a chord with folks? We’ll see. Perhaps the differences will not even be noticeable.

With all that said, I am more convinced than ever that the church has lost its collective mind and heart, so there should be no shortage of things to wrassle with. In closing, I want to thank the many folks who emailed this account to share your feelings on the site and the writing. That was the first time I had checked it in a year and I was immensely touched by the words…and I promise to check it more regularly :)

Hopefully, I’ll get something up on here next week. My wife has suggested posting my sermons or videos of them…but I’m not quite sure about that yet. She’s much more daring in such endeavors than I.

Until then!

Cantankerously Yours,

The Cantankerous Christian