Thursday, April 16, 2009

UPDATE-Exciting Stuff!!!

Okay, I know I’ve been on a mini-hiatus again…but I have been extremely busy and I wanted to share one, big aspect of my busy-ness :) (Don’t worry, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled cantankerousness very soon)

Some of you will remember that I wrote about going to the Children’s Pastors’ Conference back in January in the piece titled “Please Do Not Call Me to Children’s Ministry”. One of the courses I took down there concerned neighborhood outreach, something very near and dear to my heart.

It was the first course that I zeroed in on as a “must attend”. It was a great presentation and I came away moved and motivated. It was on the first day of the conference, and later that day, as I was comparing notes with the Director of Children’s Ministry at my church, we were both shocked to learn that the other was in the same class and equally passionate about the need for us to take Christ into the neighborhoods around our church.

Four months later (lightening quick in the world of church), we have launched God’s Backyard Faith Club. One of the very coolest things about this ministry is that it is not a “church building” ministry; it is a Kingdom building ministry. We are committed to meeting weekly with neighborhood children at a local park and sharing the Good News.

Yesterday was to be our first meeting and we did not get off to a good start. The neighborhood we are trying to reach is an “at risk” neighborhood, and we were greeted with freshly painted gang graffiti on the tables we were to use…and as luck would have it, the weather was not cooperating either. It was cold, overcast, and threatening rain. We were to have begun at 3:00 and by 3:15, I was beginning to prepare myself mentally and emotionally to really kick off the program the following week with the hopes of better weather and I was debating on whether or not to dismiss the volunteers…Then something remarkable happened…God moved.

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Angel said...

That is so awesome! And, you know ... that is how it works. We have an outreach out of our church called W.A.R! (We Are Ready!) where we go to really bad neighborhoods, places congested with drugs, alcohol, and prostitution ... and we feed the people. We take clothes, stuff, anything that we can give away that they could use and we pray with people. We come with food and things ... but we also come with the Good News.

And, it always seems that the weather never cooperates. It has snowed on us, rained on us, hailed on us! But, we have stuck it out and God blesses us. He moves!

It is so amazing and I love it that you have stepped out of the walls of your church and have a heart for kids. That is so great! I am a former addict and alcoholic ... so I have a heart for those that are drowning. I know where their redemption and healing lies and I want them to know it too. :)

God bless you and it was great to read something from you! I was starting to wonder if you had abandoned us. :P