Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back Soon...

Just wanted to drop in and post that I will begin updating the blog again next week. I've been crazy busy since the last post and just haven't had the time to devote to the blog that I'd like (plus I was taking a short hiatus). I'll be speaking and preaching at 3 different churches this weekend alone (yippee!!!), while fighting a nasty cold that seems to be worsening after three days rather than getting better, but I've written a half-dozen potential entries...each more cantankerous than the last :) I just need to do a little polishing.

So, I hope you'll all check back next week...I'm guessing the first one out of the gate will be what I'm hoping will be the final word on a certain book about an out-building..."Back to the Shack...With Gas and a Match". (That book and my review just won't seem to die)

The Cantankerous, Sneezing, Coughing, and Achy One


Angel said...

Thought I would just drop in and say hi. :)

Gordon said...

Looking forward to your next post.

But I understand - getting a chance to preach is everything.

Anonymous said...

Good you will be back. It looked like you had given up the blog and that would have been too bad.
I understand that the minister at Southland Christian Church preached recently that The Shack has changed his life. You're not preaching there are you?

The Cantankerous Christian said...

Angel- Hi :) Very glad to see you still around these parts.

Gordon- Getting those opportunites certainly takes precedent over most everything else. What an absolutely incredible weekend that was :)

Anonymous- Thanks for your words. I've never been to Southland and have never seen, nor met their pastor, so it would probably be inappropriate for me to comment on his view of The Shack without having heard it/read it myself, at the very least for context purposes.

I've got a few friends who would say that it has changed their lives in that it makes them realize just how careful and vigilant they must be. Then again, I also have friends who proclaim the book as a "gift".